Enrapturing Silence

The setting sun

The moving clouds

The blowing wind

And the chirping sounds

All of these attracted me, to sit there

And enjoy the nature’s spree.13232907_1005298586227202_6599926139190899143_n.jpg

Surrounded by the trees

In the place that was so serene

Created by the God himself

With great care and feel.

The calmness of the place

Held me for so long

Until upon me

Dawned the urge of reaching home.

I sat there and watched the colours of nature play

And what added to the beauty

Was a touch of grey.

The swaying trees

And the gushing winds

Added to the view

And made it even more charming.

The rays of the sun scattered through the clouds

And forced me to watch the scenic view

Without blinking my eyes.

Then, as the sun set and gave no more rays

Everything faded away

The dark took over all the colours

And ended the beautiful scene for the day.

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