I Wonder If You Wonder…

As I look into the sky

I see birds that fly.

They have brought themselves miles

As the people walk with smiles.

The shadows…

They follow me

Trapped in my own coffin

Of what others call, mind.

I do see the light of day

Yet I choose to ignore it.

Wonder if when constellations do align

And universe would finally see…

Would it be presumptuous of me

To claim that then, finally you’d be mine?

I wonder who we are?

Who am I?

If I am “we”, then what is “they”?

Are we stardust collections? Are they?

Perhaps! Perhaps not!

Maybe, the better question is not what we are…

But, what we do.

I wonder if you think of me

As I do of you.

I wonder if you miss me…

Am such an utter fool.

I wonder if you’d tell

When I have put you through.

Maybe, Soon I will be just a memory

Of someone you once knew.

As I fade away, know that

Once upon a time

I loved you.

Did you ever love me too?



What exactly is awe?

Is it something you feel?

Is it something you saw?

Does it lay in a sunset on a beach?

It felt so close, yet so out of reach.

Is it watching a person grow

As they become a better person

Than the one you used to know?

Maybe its in music

The beat inside.

The wonder glowing on your face

A glow you just can’t hide.

None of these answers are wrong!

Find it in a setting or a song.

No matter where life may take you

Make sure you find the wonder

In every little thing you do.

I wonder what you are doing.

I wonder if you are thinking about me.

I wonder if you are smiling.

Do you wonder what I am doing?

Do you wonder if I am thinking about you?

Do you wonder if I am smiling?

I wonder if you wonder…

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