Why Wait?
The Valentine’s Day is approaching again. A day to express your feelings to the person you love. A day to speak your heart out in front of your beloved. A day to begin a new relation. Maybe!
There might be many people out there waiting for Valentine’s Day to express their feelings. But I guess there is no need to wait. If you feel for someone, if you love someone, tell them there and then. Why wait? Why keep your feelings upto you?
The right time to do anything is when you start thinking about it.
Maybe, people think that if they propose a girl on Valentine’s Day, she won’t say No! But there is nothing like that. At least not in the era we are living in.
You see, if you wait, you might end up waiting forever. If you don’t have the courage to propose a girl on any other day, Mind You! you cannot propose her, even if it is “Valentine’s Day”.
Don’t bound yourself to express your feelings and emotions towards someone on some particular day or time. Express them on any day. It will either be a Yes! or a No! There won’t be anything better or worse than that.
It’s not that if she says ‘Yes’ on Valentine’s that she’s gonna promise to marry you no matter what.
So, people, go out and speak your heart to the person you love. Have the courage. And have faith in God.
He will do what is right for you. And what is meant to be, will find a way.
Love truly, express your feelings and say “I Love you” with a commitment-with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your might.
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Don’t Wait!

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