A Question

On those blooded streets

Seeing her death coming close

She asked the Almight God

“Is this the same creation of yours that you arr so proud of”?

While leaving this cruel world

She left behind a question for us all

“Is this the way we treat women”?

The women who gave us birth!

With tears in her eyes

And in a broken low voice

She asked,

“What is it that I have done wrong to end where I am”?

“Is it the length of my clothes”?

“Or just the filthy intentions of that narrow minded man”?

So right she was

So correct her questions were

Those molesters didn’t spare a woman wearing ‘Hijab” too

Nor did they leave a kid in a frock

And you tell me

‘Ut was the mistake of that poor girl wearing jeans and top’!?

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