I’ve tried my best to let you know how I feel,

I’ve done everything to show it’s real.

I have written you a song,

But I don’t know what went wrong..

I’ve lost the song..

Oh, I’ve lost the song..

It’s all about the secrets kept for years,

the love left unknown because of fears.

I could’ve let you know, if I’m not afraid.

But since I am, I kept it for half a decade.

It could’ve been our song if it ain’t lost.

About the lovers whose paths have never crossed.

I guess this is the sign that we’re not meant to be.

No, is the answer of destiny.

I thought that if someday I can sing it,

then you just might consider

the two of us together.

Maybe it will never happen..

I lost the song..

I guess I should just move on..

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Lost Love Song

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