Second Love

They say, first love never dies, people make it seem like first love is the most important kind of love aside from true love. But people don’t always realize that when first love fails, your second love is the one that heals you. Second love makes you forget all the pains first love has caused you.

Second love has always been taken for granted. People don’t recognize it as much as we should. And people think that second love is a kind of love that can easily be replaced since it has “just” replaced “first love”.

But hey, when you lose that second love of yours, it will haunt your dreams, even after years. You will always miss the feelings he made you feel when you are still together. You’d want to go back to the time he made you feel like you’re the most beautiful girl in the world. You’d always want to run back to him everytime you feel hurt cause that’s what he’s good at; making you feel better. But he is nowhere to be found. He’ll remain in your memory and you’ll always wish you’d one day bump into each other, have a coffee after, catch up, and maybe, just maybe, rekindle your undying romance with him.