Yelling Through A Quarrel

If I had never met you

I wouldn’t feel the pain

Of losing your sweet love

I wouldn’t feel insane.

Is this all we had together?

Is this what love really is?

Yelling through a quarrel

And making it up with a kiss!



Why can’t we get along?

Why do we have to fight?

We starve true love by day

And feed lust all through the night.

I wish we’d settle down

I wonder where peace went.

Why do we pick at each other?

Why can’t we be content?

You are my everything.

I don’t want you to be gone.

I can tolerate anything

And will always carry on.

Skies seem sunny

When you are here…

There is that gloom

In my atmosphere.

I love you so much

You are all that I have.

Without you, my world

Would be depressing and sad.

You are my idol

My heart never denies

But it cuts to the bone

What I see in your eyes.

You want me to stop

You want me to be friends

But You will be my true love

Until my life ends.