The largest democracy in the world

The lengthiest constitution of all

People from all walks of life

In a condition so worse.

Is this the India Subhash Chandra Bose fought for?

Is this the India Mahatma Gandhi didn’t eat for?

I doubt…

If this is the India Bhagat Singh attained martyrdom for!

The fundamental rights of people are being laughed at

As nothing is being given to the deserved.

The constitution of India has become just a mere spectator

As everything now is for the reserved.

Democracy is nowhere to be seen

Dictatorship has overtaken the scene.

One man is at the helm of everything

Making laws,

And asking the people to follow without questioning.

I hope the things will soon change

And there will be democracy once again

The day we’ll have a new government

A government that is not insane.