National Human Right Commission (NHRC)

The National Human Right Commission of India is an autonomous public body which was constituted on the 12th of October in the year 1993 with a sole motive of protecting people’s human rights.


The NHRC has always been in news doing some act of goodness or the other.

For instance, sometime ago, they made the headlines for protecting the rights of a terrorist in Kashmir who was responsible for the death of many people in the region and would have resulted in many more people losing their lives in the future. The terrorist was caught by the Indian army and tied to the jeep and dragged across the town. The honorary NHRC came up saying the act done by the army was “Inhuman“.

All I want to know is, how is punishing someone who would have resulted in the death of thousands or even millions, Inhuman? Was his killing everyone and being a bad influence to children around quite Humane? NHRC just got no logic or reasoning capability it seems. 

And now NHRC is up with another stupid issue at their disposal. The burning of paddy stubble that is adding up to the pollution in the regions of Punjab, Haryana and the national capital Delhi, seems to be fine with the NHRC.  NHRC came up fighting against the ban being imposed on the burning of paddy stubble, saying that first their should be a way found out to deal with the paddy and then the ban should be imposed. I mean, is it really more important to waste more days to find a way to deal with it and in the meanwhile risk lives of millions just for burning of paddy which doesn’t even make any profit to anyone and is as useless as the NHRC itself.

All I want to know is, where was this same NHRC when one girl Gurmehar Kaur started a campaign agaisnt the violence that exists in University Politics and was fighting all alone. Where was this same NHRC when that girl was called characterless, or was targeted by every single news channel and person going to the next level, each one of them trying to prove her relation with a Pakistani or any terrorist group. The same NHRC was lost in the darkness of anonymity at that time.

What do you think? Is NHRC really an association fighting for the rights of people and helping them protect their rights in the correct way? Does being the first and biggest human right protection NGO give NHRC the right to do any damn thing they want?

These are just a few questions I have. Maybe you have a few questions too. Ask them in the comments or as it may please you. But please do.