“Men and Women”

“All women are not great,

All men are not bad.

All women are not Characterless,

All men are not merciless.”

“All women are not rude,

All men are not dude.

All women are not greedy,

All men are not selfish.”

“Don’t judge any girl by her short dress,

Don’t judge any boy by his smoking habit,

Everyone have their own thoughts,

Everyone have their own attitude.”

“Dad, brother, friends are also men,

Mom, sister, girlfriend are also women,

To Respect all women is our religion,

To respect all men is our manners.”

“Without women or men the world is not possible,

Men and women both are basic foundation of this world.

Our nature will destroy without men or women.”

“So please stop hating men or women.

Love them, respect them.”