Virat Kohli is one of the best batsmen to have ever played the game of cricket. His stats speak volumes about his success, especially in the recent past. Soon after becoming the captain of the Indian team, he became the batting master. He showed off his unreal skills on quite a many occasions. In all the tests that India played at home, Virat lead the team from the front and all his counterparts played their share equally well. But that is an old story now. That was the time when the team was playing in their home conditions. Now, as the team is in South Africa, all the players seem to have run over themselves. There is no patience, calmness, or any sort of discipline seen anymore. Though, Kohli has still managed to be the best until now even in foreign conditions scoring at a good pace with a highest score of 150+, his teammates don’t seem to have adapted to the situation well. Losing two matches and the series didn’t go down well with the skipper and he lashed out at his team in one of the interviews. He was recorded saying, “the players need to show intent when they go out to bat”. Now this is where the difference lies. He is in the form of his life and every pitch seems easy to him to go out and play his shots. But, he is not realizing the fact that it is not the same for everyone. All the other players need time to settle in. He is currently playing in a league of his own, and is in a form that no one else is. He needs to realize the fact that every player in the team is not the same and cannot go out with the same intent as him. At the moment, he is a great player, a great batsmen and a great athlete too. But is he a great leader too? Has captaincy got the better of him? Is he in the same place as Sachin Tendulkar once was? Has he also started comparing everyone with his own self? Is he thinking that if he is able to play on these pitches well, then why aren’t others? Were his words and thoughts too strong when he spoke about the need to show “Intent”? Is he a good leader? Can he be a great leader like M.S. Dhoni? Or will the captaincy start getting the better of him and his batting too?
I feel, India needs to look for a player who is a great leader. May be someone like Rohit Sharma or Ajinkya Rahane. They should just not put the burden of captaincy on the shoulders of someone like Virat Kohli and end up losing a great batsmen who may otherwise go on to win many matches for the nation in the future.

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Virat Kohli – The Batsman or The Leader?


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